Why Should You Choose Solar?

Solar Panels Save You Money and Last Decades.

Reduce or even eliminate your electric bill by using solar energy.

Cut back your carbon footprint with a clean and renewable energy source.

Get protection from rising power rates, since sunshine is always free.


When the sun shines, panels create electricity. Your house uses the electricity it needs first, reducing your electric bill accordingly.
When your panels generate more electricity than your house needs the excess power is sent back to the grid. When this happens, your electric meter spins backwards, giving you full credit for all the electricity you produced.

Let Us Show You How Easy It Is to Get a $0 Electric Bill

Delaware Residents Save More With Solar

Reduce High Energy Costs

Delaware Homeowners pay higher-than-average electric rates. This means you will save more when you harness the sun’s energy, especially as electric rates go up.  

Net Metering

Your bill decreases by how much electricity your solar panels produce each month. This is net metering, and it’s one of the reasons why Delaware is a great state for solar.

Save More, Spend Less

Delaware homeowners typically recoup their upfront solar costs after five to seven years of solar energy production.

How Clean Energy USA Handles Everything

We design the right system for you.

We determine how much electricity your home consumes and the best opportunities for solar to offset your electricity use.

Our staff handles the entire incentives process.

Reduce your costs and recoup your investment quickly.

Our solar panels can eliminate your electric bill. Some months your bill can be negative!

All Clean Energy USA-installed solar panels have a 25-year warranty.

Clean Energy USA will save this home over $75,000 in electric bills over the life of these solar panels.*

*These estimated savings are based on the value of an 8kw system’s production over 30 years, factoring in rising electric rates (assumed to increase by 3% annually) over the same time period.

slash your energy bill with solar. get the details today

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