Existing Residential Case Study

“The investment pays for itself quickly because we save so much on electric bills.”



Lowest Bill

Rehoboth Beach, DE

What’s your favorite thing about solar?

“The low electric bills! After a summer heat wave with record-setting temperatures and non-stop HVAC usage, it’s amazing to recieve a $15 electric bill for the fifth month in a row!”

What surprised you about solar?

“How affordable it is! I assumed the biggest benefit of solar was the impact we’d have on the environment by switching to renewable energy, but I didn’t appreciate how much money we’d save too. The federal tax credit, the grants, and our incredibly low monthly electric bills add up to major savings that quickly covered the initial installation costs.”

Why do you recommend going solar?

“There truly is no downside to solar – you save money, save energy, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and create local jobs as well.”

Why do you recommend Clean Energy USA?

“It’s so helpful that they’re based right here in Delaware, and they’ve been doing this for years – focused entirely on solar – so they know what they’re doing and make it easy.”