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The Clean Energy USA Process

1. We Assess Your Solar Potential

We look at your home to see how much power solar can create, and at your electric bill to see how much power is needed to eliminate your electric bills.

2. We Design Your System and Prepare a Proposal

We design a custom solar electric system for your needs and provide a proposal that includes the plan for your system, the estimated cost, details about the incentives, and a calculation of how much you will save.

3. We Get All Approvals

From grants to HOA requirements to utility company specifications to engineering documents, we obtain every approval needed to install and operate your solar system.


4. Our In-house Professionals Install Your System

Our installers, project managers, and electricians are always Clean Energy USA employees, ensuring a seamless, professional experience all handled in-house by experts in solar design and installation.

5. We Redeem Your Incentives

Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of applying for federal and state solar incentives. We do the paperwork, you sign off on it, and the savings will start rolling in. This truly sets us apart from the rest!

6. We Will Be There For You

Our dedicated service team is there to honor all warranties, answer questions, monitor your system’s performance, and handle any problems that may arise.

Talk to a Solar Expert

They will do a fast and easy assessment of your solar potential.

Every month the power company sends us a negative or very small bill; at one point we’d accrued a $400 credit.

Randy and Kathy
Lewes, Delaware


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