New Construction Case Study

“When we retire, we know our electric bills are not going to be a burden on us.”


Lowest Bill

Lewes, DE

What’s your favorite thing about solar?

“The big advantage to solar is the low electricity bills. When we retire, we know that our electricity bills won’t be a burden on us with a reduced income. No matter how high energy prices rise in the future, we’re still only paying a small portion to the electric company because we’re generating the majority of our electricity ourselves.”

What surprised you about solar?

“Our electric bills are less than $150 total for the year!”

Why do you recommend going solar?

“People often mention their high electric bills, especially in the Summer with the air conditioner running, and we feel very happy that’s not our situation because we have solar panels.”

Why do you recommend Clean Energy USA?

“Clean Energy USA’s process was very easy. They walked us through the paperwork and then filed it for us, so we didn’t have to do any of that work to get the tax credits and other grants or rebates for the solar panels. They were very informative when they came and explained the system. It was a very nice experience.”

What else do you love about solar?

“If we sell our house, the solar panels are going to make a difference. Being able to say we have solar panels makes our house very attractive to buyers.”