Whole-House Generator Installation

Don’t let storms or grid failures knock out your power for days. Install a whole-house generator.

Clean Energy USA will assess your home’s needs and install a generator that will handle your electric loads. 

Why Install a Whole House Generator


Keep your appliances running

Having a generator allows homeowners to know that their refrigerator, lights, and sump pump will all run and that their computers and phones can charge. It also gives those with extra medical needs the assurance that their equipment will have a power source when they need it.


Keep your food fresh

Don’t let a power outage spoil a refrigerator and freezer worth of perfectly good food! You never know when a storm is going to hit that knocks out the power, but you do know that the store shelves will be empty if one may be coming.


Keep yourself comfortable

While making due without electricity can be a novelty for a board game or two, it starts to become inconvenient and even uncomfortable when that lasts for more than a short time. Without air conditioning, your power failure could turn into a truly sticky situation fast.


Prevent bigger problems

Without your sump pump running you could experience water damage and mold. Without heat, your pipes may freeze. A generator is the best way to prevent bigger problems than the inconvenience of not having electricity for your convenience.

Learn About Whole House Generator Installation

Delware Homeowners Choose Generac® Generators

Back Up What’s Important to You

For more than 50 years, Generac has been focused on emergency power generation. Constant innovation has resulted in technological solutions that are more efficient, more reliable, and higher quality. 

Generac also holds their dealers to the highest industry standards, offering the tools, programs, and continuing education that allows Generac dealers to offer a higher level of service.  

Keep Your Home Running. Install a Generator.

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