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Residential, Commercial, and
Non-Profit Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Clean Energy USA is a leading provider of electric vehicle chargers.

Residential Electric Car Chargers

Charge Your Car Quickly and Get on the Road

Hard-wired EV chargers allows a homeowner to charge up quickly instead of waiting hours to use their car. Don’t settle for only using your vehicle after a full night of charging; have Clean Energy USA hard-wire a charger that will fill your “tank” up quickly!

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Electric Vehicle Chargers for Businesses

By 2025, 25% of vehicle sales will be electric. Get ahead of the curve by installing an EV charging station at your business.

The market for electric vehicles is growing.

Acting now can help your business earn more money and take advantage of incentives. 

  • Offer Amenities – Commercial EV chargers allow retailers, property owners, and landlords to offer amenities to their customers. Different chargers offer different capabilities in monetizing the service. They can even allow some users free access while charging the general public.
  • Take Advantage of Incentives – Delaware offers generous incentives to help pay for the cost of installing EV chargers.
  • Install the Right Charger Type for Your Business – Clean Energy USA proudly installs Chargepoint, SemaConnect, and Leviton chargers and is able to offer a variety of charging capabilities for whatever your situation needs.

Reasons Your Business Wants to Install EV Charging Station

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Build Customer Loyalty

Once your business grabs the EV driver’s attention, you will become their preferred destination for anything which may require them to stop on the way somewhere.

The Sierra Club cites Reasons that Businesses Should Install EV Chargers.

Environmental Stewardship

Businesses have an opportunity to do their part to clean up the environment by making it easier for employees, visitors, and customers to charge their electric vehicles.

According to Mashable, one of the most often cited reasons for not buying an EV is range anxiety—fear of not finding a charging station before the vehicle runs out of power. Providing charging stations can encourage employees, visitors, and customers in the area to make their next car an EV.

Part of a Benefits and Amenities Package

Corporations and employers are always looking for a benefits package that will attract great employees. Providing electric vehicle charging stations at the workplace as benefits and amenities will attract and retain top talent who are environmentally conscious and comfortable with cutting-edge technology. EV drivers on average are younger, more technology-savvy, and higher income than gas-powered vehicle drivers- employees who can lead a business into the future.

The EV charging stations also send a clear message to staff and customers alike: This business working toward a greener future.

Literally Puts Your Business on the Map

EV drivers can identify and locate your business as a place to charge their cars. Since the average charge time is around a half-hour, they are also likely to be interested in shopping or dining in the area while they charge.

  • Plug Share—Plug Share shows locations of charging stations all around the world, and even includes the type of plug each station supports, as well as local restaurants, shopping, and rest areas.
  • Charge Hub—Charge hub provides much the same information but has a smaller community. Locations are also limited to the U.S. and Canada. It includes information on finding accessories to charge at home as well.
  • Open Charge Map– provides addresses, distance from your home, business contact info, and the number of charging ports, but leaves out reviews and comments.

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